Just wanted to say a BIG thankyou to Steve Durham our DICKIES representative for donating a pair of boots, 2 T shirts, shorts and cargo trousers and a 3 way jacket for the trip.  This is extremley generous


Our next fundrasing event is to be held at the Church End Brewery - not that we are fixated with drinking at all!!  The evening will consist of a buffet, a strong possibility of some beer and then a tour of the brewery along with of course the all important 'tasting'

Tickets are £10.00 per head and the evening will start at 7pm for 7.30pm.

Please follow the link for the brewery below for directions and more information.

Church End Brewery


Travelled down to the big smoke on Saturday for the Peru trip get together. It was great to hear first hand some of the challenges and experiences that I am going to encounter in just a few months. Apparently the day before the last trekking day entails a descent of 2,200 steps. "COUNT EM". Those slower ones may well be doing it in the dark so all the more reason to get fit and not be a tailend charlie!!

Interesting to meet some of the other people in the group too, mixed bunch and wide age range too so should be fun. Glad its not just me finding asking folks for money is not easy.

As for the training, this darn weather aint helping much, cos not only is it not nice out, the gym keeps closing. GRRRRR.

Anyway just have to carry on at home and do what I can, :-()

Recent Updates 02/03/2009

Brewery date has now been set for Friday March 6th at Ridge Lane, check the events page for more details. Coming soon will be an announcement for the Horse riding event so look out for that.

Training is going reasonably well but still limited to the gym and any exercise I can manage at home. Hopefully the weather will improve soon enough for some outdoor exercise and walking. Should anyone fancy joining me then get in touch on my mobile 07875 299703.

We have a get together in London on Saturday 7th where I will be meeting up with my fellow travellers for the trip. Will be interesting seeing who i will be spending a week of my life with halfway up a mountain.

More soon I hope

In Memorium 01/03/2009

RIP Heather Jane Parkin

Yesterday a very dear friend of mine lost her battle with cancer.  She spent her last days at a Macmillan Hospice who was able to provide the support that her and her family needed in her last days.  This very much brings home to me the real need for supporting MacMillan.  Without them who would people like Heather Jane Parkin and her family turn to?

Godspeed Heather and all our sympathies to your family.

Written by Vicky Whitlock :-(


Hi There,

I have been meaning to do this for a while but havn't got aroung to it til now. This is a list of the people who have made donations to my fund offline, (i.e. given directly too me and not via the "just giving page"). I just  thought that they needed a credit for their genorousity too.

In no particular order:

Jon Mander £20

Judith from Elite Tyres in Atherstone £30

Graham Hall £20

Cedric Mees £30

Dave (the marquee man. You know who you are) £20

Margeret Sullivan £10

Janet Williams £10

David Barrs £100

Mark Butler £20

Dennis Randell £50 

Thanks to all of you

And Happy New Year to all




WOW WOW WOW!!!!  That’s all I can say!!!  On Sunday 14th December we went ‘collecting’ at Morrisons, Tamworth and wait for it………………….we raised…………….£464.16!!!!!  YES!  464 of your great British pounds and 16 pennies!  What a MASSIVE achievement! Particularly given the economic climate at the moment – we were just completely overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity and are very grateful  J  Do you know that £350 could pay for a convalescent break for someone with cancer and their carer?  Every penny really does count and it just shows what can be achieved when we work together.
It was also really touching to hear how Macmillan has helped so many people and their families and it has made me even more determined to raise as much money as possible. 
So a BIG THANKYOU to anyone who is donating to my challenge – we are making steady progress towards the target figure – so I better get my walking shoes on because Machu Picccu HERE I COME!!!!

Thanks to Vicky, Nicola, Rachel and Emily for all their efforts on the day. I couldn't do it without you all. xx

Another Generous Donation :-)

£461.16........£462.16........£463.16....... £464.16!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!


the ONE in three??  Or maybe your parent?  Or what if it was your Partner?  Or even your child?  What would YOU do?  Where would YOU turn? How would YOU survive?

Just think about all the information you would need…………………

Who could you ask for medical advice?  Who could you depend upon for emotional support?  Where could you go for financial advice?  And all of this worry just when you DON’T need it!
For all of this and more there is Macmillan.  Macmillan pride themselves on being a ‘one stop shop’ for cancer support.  They can advise you about what benefits you are entitled to, what your diagnoses means, what support systems are in place and what treatment there is available.

Now for one minute just imagine Macmillan did not exist L  Quite a sobering thought isn’t it?  And as one in three people WILL be affected by cancer we cannot afford to think ‘this doesn’t affect me’ CANCER AFFECTS US ALL!!

Macmillan relies on voluntary donations for 99% of their income, so they simply couldn't do what they do for people affected by cancer without our support. 

PLEASE show your support and donate to my JUST GIVING page or learn more about helping Macmillan by visiting the ABOUT MACMILLAN page.

It really is all about YOU!


Last night was the annual Polaris dealer meeting held at The Manor Hotel,
Meriden, and The Heart Of England Conference Centre, Corley.
I was able to pass around a collection tub where a total of £317.76 was donated to my fund!!!

MANY THANKS to all of you for your generosity and for the Polaris staff for allowing me to pass the tub around.  It is a wonderful charity we are supporting and I KNOW they are grateful for every penny :-)


Tonight was Gym Night – Hurrah!!!

My work out consists of 2 miles running up-hill on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the stepper, 8 minutes on the cross trainer and eight minutes on the bike.  If im not too exhausted after all that I do a quick 1000m on the rower – Watch out Steven Redgrave!!  I am focussing mainly on cardio-vascular work at the moment as well as strengthening my legs – I am already having nightmares about all those steps ARGH!
Training is limited to gym work at the moment due to short days (and nasty weather!) but once the spring comes around again I am planning on doing a lot more walking.  It is recommended that we build up to approx 8 hours of walking over a weekend as well as a couple of 2 hour walks during the week.

I have calculated it takes me 10 minutes to walk to the local pub and on a good night 40 minutes to stagger home!!  It seems I am light on hours – must find a pub a bit further away!!!


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